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Connections Curriculum

At Edenham we teach Geography, History, Art and DT through within the context of our Big Questions. In doing this we provide a meaningful context for each bit of knowledge being taught as well as providing the opportunity for children to think philosophically and creatively as well as expressing their own thoughts and opinions.

EYFS and Key Stage 1:

As of September 2020, pupils have three Big Questions which they study across the space of an academic year:


Autumn term

Spring term

Summer term

Cycle A

All About Me (EYFS)

Why have buildings changed over time? (KS1)

Are humans the most powerful thing on Earth?

Why do people go on journeys?

Cycle B

Is exploring important?

Do inventions make the world better?

How do humans use water?

Cycle C

Currently being developed.

Our curriculum is based on a three-year cycle, meaning that EYFS and Key Stage 1 pupils are able to study the same Big Questions.  However, pupils in the Early Years are taught in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage and pupils in Key Stage 1 are taught in line with the National Curriculum.   (Each cycle of the KS1 curriculum covers all of the objectives from the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1 for Geography, History, Art and DT.  This allows pupils to revisit and deepen their understanding of each subject when they revisit the knowledge for a second time in Year 2, within a different context.)

Key Stage 2:

In Key Stage 2, children have one Big Question for each academic year.  The Big Question is broken down into focus areas, allowing pupils to learn a range of knowledge relating to their Big Question. The curriculum is made up of a two-year cycle, with two Big Questions for Lower Key Stage 2 and two Big Questions for Upper Key Stage 2. 

Lower Key Stage 2:

Cycle A Big Question: Do humans live in harmony with the Earth?

Focus 1

How do humans use rivers?

Focus 2

How did Ancient Egyptians use the River Nile?

Focus 3

What natural materials do humans use?

Focus 4

What natural materials did humans use in Stone Age and Bronze Age Britain?

Focus 5

Do humans damage the Earth? How and why?

Focus 6

How does the Earth negatively impact on humans?

Cycle B Big Question: Why do humans create art?

Focus 1

Why did Ancient Greeks create art?

Focus 2

Why did Romans create art?

Focus 3

Why did Mayans create art?

Focus 4

Why is some art more famous than other art?

Focus 5

What art can you make inspired by our local area?

Upper Key Stage 2:

Cycle A Big Question: Do invasions change countries forever?

Focus 1

What was the impact of the Roman invasion of Britain?

Focus 2

How has North America changed as a result of British colonisation?

Focus 3

What was the impact of the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain?

Focus 4

How has Brazil changed as a result of colonisation?

Focus 5

What was the impact of the Viking invasion of Britain?

Focus 6

How have past invasions impacted on our local area?

Cycle B Big Question: Can one person change the world?

Focus 1

Did Leonardo Da Vinci change the world?

Focus 2

Did John Harrison change the world?

Focus 3

Did Nikola Tesla change the world?

Focus 4

Did Emmaline Pankhurst change the world?

Focus 5

Did Adolf Hitler change the world?

Focus 6

Did Rosa Parks change the world?