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Hebrews 12:1

Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust - Diocese of Lincoln Ofsted Good Provider

Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust

Edenham Church of England Primary School is a member of the Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust, for more information including Charity trustees’ and members’ names and annual reports please visit their website.

Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust, Ruskington Chestnut Street C Of E Academy, Chestnut Street, Ruskington, Lincolnshire NG34 9DL
01526 888482
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LAAT Strategic Report

10 Years of Success. Part of the Transformational Journey of Christian Education

Our Vision

Church schools serving their communities through excellence, exploration and encouragement within the love of God.

The Diocese of Lincoln is called to faithful worship, confident discipleship and joyful service and our church schools bear witness to our belief that that every child is made in the image of God and loved by Him. They were founded for the good of their local communities so that children can be educated through the values and stories of Christianity.

Our Aims

We will:

Strategic Opportunities

Schools in the LAAT benefit from:

Being part of something bigger

For small schools in particular there is often benefit from being part of a bigger group. In part this can be achieved through federation, collaboration, local collaborative trusts, etc. but a Multi Academy Trust provides a sustainable legal structure through which a school can gain by both receiving support and offering support to others. LAAT increases a schools sustainability and security as well as providing mechanisms for school improvement.

Shared vision and values

A STRONG shared vision supports the raising of standards. LAAT gives opportunities to work to strengthen vision and values within your school by:

  • Working with schools who share our vision and values
  • Gaining experience, skills and ideas to strengthen vision and values within the school
  • Sharing your vision and values outside your school

School Improvement

LAAT supports school improvement by:

  • Regularly monitoring teaching and learning and brokering a wide range of support where necessary.
  • Opportunities to share best practice across the schools in the MAT
  • Sharing inset opportunities
  • With support for business management and Finance taken care of centrally more school time and energy can be spent on teaching and learning

Staff CPD

Staff benefit from experiencing education in more than one setting, LAAT provides:

  • The ability for staff to spend time in other schools to develop professionally leading to
  • Improved staff retention
  • Improved staff confidence
  • Improved staff performance

Business management

Central business management will:

  • Provide savings through economies of scale
  • Free resources/time/energies within schools to concentrate on teaching and learning
  • Allow for better use of resources across the whole of LAAT


Being part of LAAT allows for the sharing of resources:

  • Human
  • Material
  • Financial
  • Skills and expertise

Working Together within LAAT

In addition to the school improvement programme all schools within the LAAT family are expected to contribute to one or more of the following across LAAT: