Sports Competitions 2017-2018

Watch this space!!

Edenham Gallery of Sports Stars

Well done to all those who took part in the Rat Race at Burghley last weekend. 


A huge well done to Lydia and Mae who took part in the Mini Miniature Mud Run at Rockingham Castle.  They ran 5k and had lots of fun!!


On Sunday 29th January 2017, Matty competed at the Northamptonshire County Gymnastics Championships.  He competed on the floor, rings, high bar, parallel bars, mushroom and vault and was in the age 7-8 category even though he's only 6.  In the end, Matty won 3 gold medals (high bar, parallel bars and mushroom), 3 silver medals (floor, rings and vault) and the Championship Medal for the all round scores.  There were 30 children competing so this was a fantastic result for Matty and makes all his hours of training worthwhile.

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