We have many policies that we use in school. All of them are designed to ensure that pupils, parents and staff know what is expected, how things work and to lay out our expectations. They are an important part of our school life and help us ensure that standards in pupils' Learning and our Teaching remain high, that your children are well looked after and that administrative routines are clear.

Key policies for daily business are available here;

Accessability Policy and Plan

Religious Education Policy

Behaviour and Discipline Policy 

Charging, Remission of Fees and Refunds Policy

Edenham Homework Policy

Edenham Safeguarding Policy  UPDATED Jan 2018

Edenham eSafety Policy and Acceptable Use for Staff, Pupils and volunteers NEW Sept 2017

Equality and Diversity Policy

Marking and Feedback Policy

Medication – administration of: Policy

Allergies - Managing Allergies in School Policy

Positive Handling Policy 


Teaching and Learning Policy

Complaints Policy

Antibullying Policy 

Phonics Policy 

Curriculum policies are ALL under review in the light of the new National Curriculum, however, you can see an overview of each term's focus, for each class, under the What Are We Are We Up To? link on the left-hand side of the screen.

Our Maths Calculation Policy is available here.

Our English Policy is under full review.

Please contact the school office if you would like to request a copy of any of the policies above, or others we may hold in school.

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