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A great afternoon making scarecrows for Grimsthorpe!


09/02/2018   The children have been busy planting the hyacinth and tulip bulbs

19/01/2018   Parent-Teacher Meetings: Wednesday 21st Feb and Thursday 22nd Feb

19/01/2018   Friday 9th Feb: Hot Dog Lunch

19/01/2018   Wednesday 21st Feb: Ash Wednesday Service - 2pm

19/01/2018   Friday 16th March: Roving Books

19/12/2017   SaveTheChildren, 90, BraiswickPhotoCommission, 137.50 + 23.50 donation to Cancer Research THANKYOU!

19/12/2017   Deadline, School Meals, Jan wk 1 has passed. Contact Ideal directly for late orders.

19/12/2017   TERM 3

TERM 3 begins; Wed 3rd January, 18

19/12/2017   Hotmeals Xmas

Order deadline for Hotmeals, Wk 1 in Jan has passed; Contact Ideal directly for late orders.

19/12/2017   FundraisingDec

SaveTheChildren £90, Braiswick Photo Commission, £137.50 for school + £23.50 donation for Cancer Research. THANKYOU!

19/12/2017   Epiphany

Family Service, Epiphany; Wed 3rd Jan, 2:30, Edenham Church

17/11/2017   We raised 272.94 for Children In Need - Well done everyone!

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