ur Music Leaders

Mrs Sarah Young and Mrs Jan Cross are are Music Leaders. Both are very experienced qualified teachers, and specialise in Music.

They are both regulalrly in school on Mondays to teach class Music lessons for Reception to Y4, and Drum and Vocal lessons.

They also run a KS2 Choir, a Whole School Choir and a School Band.

We often see them in school supporting other events too such as Family Services in Church, and Christmas and Summer Fetes.

Highlight events have included;



Instrumental Music Lessons

In addition to the Drum and Vocal tuition offered by sarah and Jan, we offer a range of other instrumental music tuition through the Lincolnshire Music Service. 

Parents can request lessons for their children in;

Strings - Violin/Cello or Viola

Woodwind - Flute/Clarinet/Oboe/Minibassoon/Saxophone

Brass - Trumpet or Trombone

GUITARS are offered through an arrangement with one of regular supply-teachers who is also multitalented and teaches guitar to groups of pupils!


BRASS Tuition for Years 5 and 6

For the past 5 years we have worked with Mr Gary Wyatt - a superb Lincs Music teacher to provide all Y5 and 6 pupils with an instrument (Trombone or Trumpet) which they hold for two years. Tuition takes place in a whole-class setting, for an hour each week. Pupils work towards performance in our Summer Concert.

Not only will they learn the basics in instrumental playing but also reading music, rhythm, percussion, team work and vocal techniques.

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