We love teaching Maths here at Edenham School, and our pupils generally love learning in Maths too!

We follow the National Curriculum 2014 Programme of study, and aim to enrich Maths activities as much as possible.

We enrich our Teaching and ensure our Teachers access the best professional development by accessing resources such as 



Maths at Home

Moving on in Maths from Reception to Y1/2

For resources from this very well-attended Parent workshop, please see the documents below. Don't hesitate to call us if you have further questions.

Supporting Your Child in Early Maths at Home

Powerpoint.Slides.MvOnInMaths (link to come)

Powerpoint.Slides.TryMe Y2 Maths (link to come)

You would also find useful the Mastery Documents below for your child's current or coming year group.

A Mastery Approach

Mastery in Maths.NCETM.Y1

Mastery in Maths.NCETM.Y2

Mastery in Maths.NCETM.Y3

Mastery in Maths.NCETM.Y4

Mastery in Maths.NCETM.Y5

Mastery in Maths.NCETM.Y6

Mathletics online accounts are available to all pupils in Y2-6

Image result for mathletics 

Mathsseeds accounts available for all pupils in reception and Y1

Image result for mathseeds



If you would like to learn more about how we teach Maths, see below;


Edenham's Maths Curriculum Policy  and  Maths Calculation Policy and Guidance

Click here for: Understanding Progress in Maths Document

Click here for: Maths Learning Objectives Document

Click here for: Calculate Mentally Teaching Children Document

Click here for: Maths Vocab

Numeracy Educational Games


Click here for unicef - The World Education Games

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