At Edenham we embrace the fact that every child is different and recognise that the educational needs of every child are different. We take pride in being an inclusive school.

Contacts for further information;

Mrs Barbara Allman; SENDCO from September 2018 and Class Teacher for Year 3/4. 

Mr Jonathan Austin;  Exevutive Head Teacher and Designated Safeguarding Person

Both Mr Austin and Mrs Allman can be contact via the school office 

Mrs Charlie Norton; SEND Governor from September 2017.

Governors can be contacted via 


Additional Needs - What Are They?

All children, in fact all people, have additional needs at times. These may be relatively minor or life altering; short term, long term or ongoing.

Children have additional needs for a variety of reasons, including: 

  • having a disability 

  • living in complex or vulnerable circumstances 

  • their cultural, linguistic or family background

  • having learning difficulties that require specific educational provision to be made


Other children with additional needs may also;

  • be recent arrivals in the UK 

  • have a culturally and linguistically diverse background 

  • be experiencing difficult family circumstances or stress 

  • be at risk of abuse and neglect 

  • have a medical or health condition 

  • demonstrate challenging behaviours 

  • have gifts or have special talents 

  • have other extra support needs – such as, bereavement, a new baby in the family, temporary absence of a parent, or being the only child who is ‘different’ through skin colour, gender or age, or, be very shy or anxious etc.

Children in the above categories may have additional needs, but that does not imply neediness, weakness or deficit. In fact, some categories of additional needs, such as having a home language other than English, experiencing more than one cultural context, or being gifted, are in fact strengths.

We agree that additional needs are essentially about each child’s uniqueness and the influence of the contexts of their lives on their wellbeing and learning.

 We aim to be as flexible in our support as possible in order to meet these wide ranging needs.



 Accessesibility Statement  (is being upated - available from end of Jan 2018, or contact the school office for further information)

Edenham Primary Local Offer in Support of SEND - click here

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