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Finally, the 2 year run as champion is over ..... Well done Hughie with 47 metres. Close 2nd, 46 metres Mr Shore and 3rd Jess with 40 metres. 

Year 6 Leavers' Hoodies

After the end of our SAT's week, we really enjoyed our fish and chips. Totally worth it!

Our Solar System is finally finished.  We also had a great morning completing a Solar System scavanger hunt.

Some great practical pie chart work in class 4.  I always knew there were more purple skittles in a bag!


We have been building Anderson Shelters in DT, linked to our WW2 topic work. 

Red Nose Day!!

In our topic work, we have been looking at WW2 rationing:

We have been construction pullies and planes in Forest School over the past few weeks.


Stage one of our Solar System

In Science, we are learning about the Solar System.  We tried to understand how far the planets were away from the sun.  The children were the planets!  Can you name all the planets in the right order?

We enjoyed our trip to the Imperial War Museum Duxford in February 2017. We could have spent a week exploring everything on site. We all particularly enjoyed seeing the Lancaster, in for its 7-year service, up-close and personal. Andy Millikin helped it come alive with stories about the WW2 pilots he has met and information about training and combat.

As part of our work on WW2 in the Spring Term 2017, we have been writing about air-raids during the Blitz, attempting to make our writing as vivid as our silhouettes. Have a read of some great examples;

Rupert The Blitz

Harry The Blitz

Bill The Blitz

Daisy The Blitz

Below are some examples of our atmospheric Blitz silhouettes.

In December 2016, Mr Prentice held mock Tudor trial.  Found guilty? What's the appropriate punishment? Hang Draw and Quartering? Dunking? Boiling seemed to be the favourite!

Does an elastic band stretch in equal amounts, when equal amounts of force are applied?


Our trip to Burghley House was great fun.  We were able to meet Henry VIII, and learn all about medicines and banquets.

Today in science, we are learning about forces.  Our experiment is to determine whether upthrust has an effect on the weight of an object in water.

We really enjoyed Gravity Fields in Grantham, we participated in workshops and watched a great dance show in the afternoon.

Outside numeracy - multiplying and dividing by 10, 100, 100 with decimals.

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