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Measuring vehicle distances in maths.

Today Class 3 had a visitor-Fifi the hamster! We watched her cage being cleaned out and then wrote an explanation of this. Later we worked in groups and created a maze for Fifi to travel through in her ball. What fun!

An artist called Helen van Graham came to visit our school, on Tuesday 27th June.  We painted butterfly designs for a local Art Installation. The Installation is to be called ‘Rebirth’. It is to celebrate Bourne Town Hall being changed into an Arts Centre. Many schools in Bourne are contributing to this, including Edenham. It is hoped that there will be around 2,500 butterfly drawings on display. We used pastels and acrylic paints for our drawings. We hope to produce over 200 butterflies from Edenham.

Our work will be on display in the Town Hall over the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd of July, between 10am and 4pm.

We really enjoyed our trip to Rutland Water.  We had lovely weather and loved playing in the park.


As part of RE, Class 3 have explored the story of the creation. In groups we showed he Creation using natural materials. Great fun!

We all watched a music concert this morning.

In literacy we are learning to write instructions. Today we made a sandwich.

Class 3 cricket version of handball!

LO to develop an understanding of how water is absorbed by plants.

Class 3 had to build a stem and create a pulley system to represent water being absorbed from the roots upwards.  We have also created the lifecycle of a flowering plant using natural materials. 


Class 3 have been making egg mobiles.

We loved red nose day!

Class 3 had a fascinating morning at Faizan E Madina Mosque in Peterborough. When we arrived we removed our shoes before going into the prayer hall where the imam talked to us. We asked lots of questions and spotted and sketched the features of the mosque.

In Drama we have been exploring the story 'Giant'. We made a giant by lying on the floor and thinking how each each part of the giant's body would have felt when he wasn't looked after by the townsfolk in the story. 

We made bar charts and pictograms to show our favourite sweets.

We are learning about Muslim prayer rituals.

We made animal skeletons out of natural materials during forest school today, following our science topic on skeletons and joints.

We had a great visit to Duxford.

Year 3s have been learning about right angles and following a right angle path.  They have been trying to draw and find right angles on the playground.

Some more great art in Class 3.  We researched Henry Moore Maquettes.  We made our own and then painted them black for a more professional finish.  


Class 3 maths. Measuring accurately in centimetres.

Art in class 3

Class 3 are working hard in Numeracy, using tenths and  hundredths.

In Science, we have been learning about bones and skeletons.  George brought in some bones for us all to look at.

At Forest School class 3 have been making Anderson Shelters. The shelters had to be able to withstand a force from above. We had to make them in groups and could only use natural materials. We began by digging a hole, we placed a pear inside our shelters then covered them with wood. David then tested the strength of our shelters. Only some pears survived!



Class 3 have been enjoying The Zoo in the attic, in our guided reading.

Class 3 are learning how to play the Ukuele.

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