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We LOVE our new rug!   Thank you Friends of Edenham.

We have been enjoying our chocolate kebabs this week!

We have been learning how much drink we should have each day and which drinks are more beneficial to our bodies.

Fun in the sand

Class 2 hotdog lunch


This term we have been learning about plants. We have grown sunflowers, melons and pumpkins. We planted our spares out in the school garden!


Alfie the budgie visits class 1and 2


Our banquet was a great success! The year 2s were over the moon as all costs were covered and they have some money left to buy something for class 1 and 2 next term. We have a variety of ideas from a paddling pool to chickens!

Class 2 this afternoon


Logan created a fantastic drama film, linked to our theme of castles. Have a look!

On Thursday 20th April,  Nick Williams, a wildlife photographer, came to talk to us about animals which lay eggs. He also brought in a wonderful egg collection which he has left in school for us to identify the eggs.

Class 2 creative homework.

We have presented our homework to the class. Everyone has done some brilliant pieces, we are so impressed with the support and dedication from parents and children.

Thank you

Easter Fun in Class 2


Class 2 have been making turtle hatchlings out of egg boxes.

Look at our

new division


We loved our visit to Emma's farm.  We saw some baby lambs, and enjoyed making a nest!

Red Nose Day Fun!

We've had a very busy week this week.  We have enjoyed wearing our hats for book week and buddy reading.  Year 2 have received their bibles and we have had even more great work from Class 2.  Oh... and two new displays! Come and take a look.


Jane Bradley visits class 2 for egg talk

Jane has around 80,000 white chickens which lay one egg a day.

That's a lot of eggs.

We wrote questions for Jane and interviewed her. She gave us a lovely informative talk about her hen farm.

All her eggs are sold to McDonald's and marks and Spencer's there are only three farms in the country which produce all the eggs for McDonald's.

We had a super time. Thanks Mrs Bradley!

Class 2 have been investigating one of the biggest food groups from the plate of health - starchy foods. We have looked at different foods in a raw state and a cooked version. 

Well done George, Flynn and Harriette for your good work assembly this week.

We read the fantastic book 'Egg Drop' and then created our own egg capsules to parachute our eggs in. We had great fun! 

Boiling eggs and writing instructions in literacy and then weighing them in maths.

Magic the bearded dragon came to class 2, he even got weighed! 

We enjoyed our tractor visit today


We were finding the missing numbers in maths today. Everyone worked really hard!

In science we are finding out which materials we can change by squashing, twisting, rolling and cutting. It was a lot of messy fun!

Science experiments in Class 2!  We tried to find the best fabric to make a brolly with.  We knew it had to be flexible and waterproof.  We were surprised by what we found!

Celebrating Chinese New Year with Class 1

Class 2 are getting ready for Chinese New Year.

PE is fun in Class 2!

Class 2 learnt to add two digit numbers by using the hundred square.

Class 2 were subtracting from 2 digit numbers today. They were amazing!

Today in Phunky Foods we had to design a bagel face, and then make it using the ingredients provided.  We then got to eat them. Yummy!

Some of our Year 1's have completed their second newsletter.  They have written about their Christmas, and made a New Year's Resolution.  Click here to see! 

Year 2 have now finsihed their second newsletter - click here to see it!

All of Foundation and Key Stage 1 have been learning to make charcoal ink in Forest Schools.

Our charcoal ink works! We drew all sorts of wild animals.

Continuing on from our newletters, class 2 are starting to think about writing a 'blog'. 

Please click here to see how they got on. (1st edition)

Please click here for our 2nd edition

Please click here for our 3rd edition

In class 2, we are writing our own newsletter in ICT.

Take a look at our first edtion here.

Please click here for our second edition!

The children have worked on setting their own learning targets.

We had a great day at Hunstanton Sealife Centre - see our gallery for photos.

A big thank you to the Bogan family for our delicious treat!  And marshmallows cooked on our camp fire. Yummy! Outdoor learning, sitting under the old oak tree.

Class 2 have been using their observational skills to describe and classify plants.


 Science investigations are great in Class 2!

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