20th March WOW assembly in Class 1 time   tbc but probably 2pm 

Coming in term 4 ‘The Great Fire of Edenham’


We have an online Learning Journal - TAPESTRY - for each child in the Foundation Stage - we also try to keep it up and running in Y1 and 2.

Each child has an account, and every parent for whom we recieve an email address will be set up to access it.

When the accounts are up and running, you will receive an email notification. You can set up your own password. Mums, Dads and carers can be linked, as can grandparents with parental persmission.

You will only be able to see your own child's Learning Journey and we would be delighted if you want to upload your own photos/ videos or make comments or contributions. We love to see what they get up to in the big, wide world!

The Learning Journal can be downloaded and/ or printed for a future keepsake.

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Aliens living in our woods. Need homes urgently!!!!!
Today in Forest school we received an email from 'a concerned neighbour' they had heard a real commotion at school last night and we had to go and investigate!

Mrs Robinson, Libby, Mrs Hawes, Mrs Percy and Mrs Howells could not believe what we discovered in the school spinney!  Two friendly aliens had crash landed in the woods and left us a letter.
Ask your children what clues there were...it was so exciting!

The space centre wrote to us asking us to help them by making shiny rockets. We have been learning about capacity Bird watching and making bird feeders as part of the RSPB school bird watch We are loving our big polar bear and getting lots of photos using the iPad independently
This week in class one we have been thinking about the Inuit communities. Here are some pictures.
We have had great fun making igloos out of marshmallows!
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