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More brilliant symmetrical butterflies from our New Starters.

We've loved eating our chocolate kebabs this week!


Class 1 are very busy putting together a fact file on Castles and Knights.

We successfully hatched some Painted Lady butterflies.  Today we made observational drawings of one of them.  We have also been learning all about castles.  Here is some of our art work using paint and technology! 

Our Wednesday new starters did a great job of making their own pond.  They showed brilliant scissor skills.


Our New Starters had a lovely afternoon with Mrs Robinson, making jelly fish hats!

We have been learning facts all about ducks.  We have been drawing them and studying them.

We loved visiting the farm, and seeing the eggs in the nest!  We were lucky enough to see new born lambs, and some of us even got to feed some Cade lambs.  We all enjoyed the biscuits and juice whilst sitting on a hay bale.  Thank you very much to Emma, Hannah, Joy and Sally.

Class 1 and 2 acting out the story of Jesus riding on a donkey to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

After looking at Spring flowers around the school grounds, Class 1 painted pictures of them for our Funky Fingers activity.  Class 1 always enjoy their daily Funky Fingers sessions.

We have done some great pairs and twos work in maths.  Great art work too decorating pants!

Celebrating Chinese New year


Today we had a letter from Mr Grinling ( from the lighthouse keepers lunch) He needed our help to keep his sandwiches dry. We investigated different materials to find which was waterproof.

The best material was tinfoil.

Great African land snails for show and tell.

Class 1 have been learning all about robins.  We listened to the story Coming Home by Michael Morpurgo (which inspired the John Lewis advert).  We then made paper plate robins.


Class 1 and 2 forest schools.

We made wreaths with greenery we collected from the vicarage garden.

Today we welcomed Witham Hall to school. We worked so nicely together creating Christmas trees.

We have been talking about Winter and seasonal change. We used some super cutting skills and made these lovely snowmen.

Look at our new displays.

Class 1 have spent the morning dissecting owl pellets, and discovering all sorts of things that they eat including lots of little tiny bones.  We have also had George's mum,  a veterinary surgeon, bring in a very active hedgehog, a tortiose that was too young to hibernate and a wonderful dog who let us put bandages on his paws!  We also had the wonderful experience of handling a barn owl.  It was super soft!

Class 1 have been learning all about Diwali.  We have coloured Rangoli patterns, made Divas and made coconut barfi sweets.

After reading a book called "10 Black Dots", we used our imaginations to think of our own way to use dots to make animals, insects, flowers, etc.


We have been learning all about our bodies and we even put together some Funny Bones skeletons!


 We have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes.  We had great fun designing and making our favourite animals out of '3D junk' .  Cubes, cuboids, cylinders, etc.



We have an online Learning Journal - TAPESTRY - for each child in the Foundation Stage - we also try to keep it up and running in Y1 and 2.

Each child has an account, and every parent for whom we recieve an email address will be set up to access it.

When the accounts are up and running, you will receive an email notification. You can set up your own password. Mums, Dads and carers can be linked, as can grandparents with parental persmission.

You will only be able to see your own child's Learning Journey and we would be delighted if you want to upload your own photos/ videos or make comments or contributions. We .ove to see what they get up to in the big, wide world!

The Learning Journal can be downloaded and/ or printed for a future keepsake.

From September 2016, Tapestry will also be used as an assessment recording tool for your child's learning and development. You will be able to access this info too, once we are up and running.

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