Please click here for 2016 Y6 Assessment Guide Leaflet 2016

Click here for 2016 Assessment Guide Leaflet 2016

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There are different ways that you can explore the Attainment and Achievement of pupils in our school.

 'Attainment' refers to the snap-shot of what Level the children are working at at the the end of Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2.

'Achievement'  refers to the progress that the childrenhave made, relative to their own starting points.

 Boths terms are used in national data with reference to English, Maths and Science. We are required to report on these at the end of key assessment points in a child's school career - at the end of Year 2 (KS1) and the end of Y6 (KS2).

Our results for Phonics, KS1 and KS2 2015 can be viewed HERE.

 We are really pleased this year, (July 2015), that the end of Key Stage results of both KS1 and KS2 reflect the great learning achieved by our pupils in those subjects.


You can search for national tables if you wish to

- or visit .

The documents available on the Ofsted Dashboard are sometimes used by our governors to generate questions to explore attainment and achievement in our school. 


The Schools Performance Tables can be accessed here 


We are also proud of the excellence in learning in other subjects areas in school and in wider school life. You'll see some of that excellence by visiting the rest of our website - try visiting;

The Class pages

The Sports or Arts Achievement tabs

The RE tab (we are now holders of the RE SILVER Quality Mark!).



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